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:: Wednesday, September 08, 2010 ::

:: We have moved! ::
My blog has moved to http://wpblog.cat509.com/wordpress/. Hope to see you there.
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:: Sunday, April 04, 2010 ::

:: The Easter Beagle Came! ::
I had a great Easter with my family.

I am learning a lot about ebook readers. I am using Ninite and filehippo a lot.

Now if I could just get to working on
and http://az.webjunction.org/715


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:: Sunday, January 10, 2010 ::

:: Hi there ::

I installed windows 7 home premium on virtualbox and like it. I also installed Chrome OS on virtualbox but it is slow. I also have installed Boxee on my laptop and watch tv shows from it every once in awhile. I have worked on my desktops for my computers. I made them look better and easier to use. I have added some firefox extensions and google addins. Some good ideas http://lifehacker.com/5435523/you-dont-need-to-regularly-reinstall-windows-heres-why?skyline=true&s=x.

The holidays have come and gone. I got to spend them with my family.

My Mom, my brother and I went to the Fire Museum.

I went to birthday parties for my friend and my friend’s son.

I have also watched a few dvds and wend to see Blind Side and Alvin and the Chipmunks the squeekquel.

From http://www.munkyourself.com


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:: Sunday, October 18, 2009 ::

:: Stuff ::
I'm typing this in blogger on GOS. I'm waiting for Google Chrome to come out.

I made apple cider and pumpkin doughnuts yesterday. Yum!

Walmart has started to sell Hard Candy Cosmetics. Yea! I guess they started in the 1990s but I didn't hear of them until about 5 years ago.

I'm watching NCIS Los Angeles online as I type this. I've never done that before. Just on DVR or ON Demand. I want to start watching things on Hulu sometime.


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:: Sunday, October 04, 2009 ::

:: Finally! ::
I am posting this from blogo on my mac mini. Wow my last post was June?? Yikes!

I spent time on July 4th and Labor Day with my Mom. I upgraded my mac mini to Snow Leopard and My Ubuntu to Karma Koala. I also updated my virtualbox. I went to 1 new Public Library Branch and the County took over another library close by me and I have been to both of them. I liked them both. I went to Waffle House for the first time. Yum!


:: Cat509 :: 5:15 PM :: [+] :: Comments (0) :: Links to this post :: ::

:: Thursday, June 11, 2009 ::

:: Hi there ::
I'm posting this using scribefire in Ubuntu.

One of the things I've also been doing is learning more about second life. I took a class in world about how to man the reference desk at infoisland and use some of the resources. I also went to a tech talk meeting about it as well and learned some new things. I bought land in there last week.

The Tucson Citizen stopped printing their newspaper last month. I used to read it when I went to school and lived there. I also used to buy it when I visited. I'm not a fan of their other paper. The Rocky Mountain News stopped printing as well. I don't like where this is going. I like getting news from the internet but I like newspapers too. Just like I like e-books and e-book readers but I like having the physical book better.


:: Cat509 :: 12:41 PM :: [+] :: Comments (0) :: Links to this post :: ::

:: Thursday, May 21, 2009 ::

:: Long time no post ::

I can’t believe it’s been since January that I posted. But I have been busy. I went to a Suns game, went to spring training with Mom, celebrated Easter and Mother’s Day, and went to the Botanical Gardens.

With the idea from this article http://lifehacker.com/5204434/the-beginners-guide-to-creating-virtual-machines-with-virtualbox I installed Virtualbox on to my Vista desktop, then installed Windows 7, Ubuntu, and G Os. I also got wifi printing running, and bought a mac mini. Then I got all of those machines to talk to each other as well. I like all of those software and want to learn how to use them better. I’m even writing this post from windows live writer in windows 7. Also, with aol closing their webpage hosting, and geocities closing, I have been working on moving all of my webpages to a different host plus doing things that come with that. I bought 2 domains for the sites. Will keep this blog on blogspot though.

Old article but it talks about Librarians as one of the best careers of 2008. http://www.usnews.com/articles/business/best-careers/2008/12/11/best-careers-2009-librarian.html

Added lots of people on twitter.


:: Cat509 :: 7:23 PM :: [+] :: Comments (0) :: Links to this post :: ::

:: Sunday, January 11, 2009 ::

:: This blog is not dead ::


I have been busy with work, Dr.s appts, holidays, vacation etc. so I haven’t updated this blog in forever. Plus most of my pictures for my blog were lost so I had to try and recover them. It seems like I’m not the only one. I have been having some fun and doing new things though.

Hopefully I’ll get back to a regular schedule now.


:: Cat509 :: 5:44 PM :: [+] :: Comments (0) :: Links to this post :: ::

:: Friday, September 19, 2008 ::

:: More Stuff ::

30 Info overload - good article on web 2.0 information overload
31 image generators - great tools. Already talked about this in my last post.
32 spam, splogs, phishing - good explanation of what they are.
34 friendfeed beta - Haven't tried this yet.
35 time management - tips on time management but don't want to try them just yet.

36 Keep things simple. Cool tools to update web 2.0 tools at once. Might try updateme eventually.

evernote have account use occasionally
allmyfavs.com cool site for site suggestions.

lookybook cool site but haven't used it yet.

Thing 64 one hit wonders  CopyPasteCharacter useful for special characters that aren't easy to type. KuKu Klock not sure if I could use an online clock. Stormpulse looks useful. Pixadus interesting. Fakenamegenerator - very useful if you have a hard time trying to come up with login ids. PicApp looks useful for presentations. Regator - looks like a great way to get all of the news you need in one place.


Wikis - have one

Avatars, Identity and Privacy - cool image generators

Google and gmail - I didn't know they had a section on patents. Must look in to that.

Learn & Play @CML

Cool image generators

Read perspectives. I read an article about library 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0. Cool article on where the web and libraries are going in the future.

We can now download ebooks from overdrive on to ipods. Yea! I tried this last weekend.

The new kids site was revamped and I really like all the web 2.0 stuff they have on there.


My pirate name is:
Red Mary Bonney

Passion is a big part of your life, which makes sense for a pirate. You can be a little bit unpredictable, but a pirate's life is far from full of certainties, so that fits in pretty well. Arr!
Get your own pirate name from piratequiz.com.
part of the fidius.org network


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:: Sunday, September 07, 2008 ::

:: The last time I posted was when? ::

Tech Talk Fridays

Friendfeed. I suggested she do this one. I just joined not long before. It's fun.

Good Reads. I found this on another site as well so I joined. Its good for reviews supposedly but I haven't used it yet.

Feedsifter. Sounds useful but I haven't used it.

Vimeo. Do we need another video sharing service?

Flauntr. Looks useful and I will show this to patrons along with something else.

Retaggr. I joined. One place for all your social networking sites.

Screencast o matic. Looks useful but you can't add captions.

I also have played with some cool image generators. They are all on my flickr account (link in the left sidebar)

New Kids came out with their new cd this week and I love it. They've been on the tv a lot lately.


:: Cat509 :: 5:04 PM :: [+] :: Comments (0) :: Links to this post :: ::

:: Sunday, July 27, 2008 ::

Hey there
:: Cat509 :: 6:53 PM :: [+] :: Comments (0) :: Links to this post :: ::

:: new things to learn ::


Learned lots of good thing over the past few weeks.

From here

Thing 29 - Personalized Start Pages - Igoogle - have ; NetVibes - have ; My Yahoo - have but made changes since they made upgrades I didn't know about.

Thing 28 - Social Task Lists  - Gubb - haven't tried it ; Clockit - just signed up but haven't used it yet ; Remember the Milk - have

Thing 27 - This One Next - Looks like a great readers advisory tool.

Thing 26 - Evernote - just signed up but haven't tried it yet.

Thing 25 (also tech talk Friday) - Friendfeed - just signed up. It's fun.

Thing 24 - Greasemonkey - Have it installed on Firefox but haven't really used it yet.

Thing 23 - Gnod - Looks like a great readers advisory tool.

Thing 22 - Web Office 2.0 - I use Google Docs and Zoho out of the list.

Thing 21 - Teacher Tube - Haven't really tried it but it looks useful for teachers.

Thing 20 - Evaluating the Net - Gives good sites for evaluating web sites.

Thing 19 - Flickr Revisited - I use picnik at work sometimes. Haven't used their groups or videos much.

Thing 18 - Claim your ID online - I just signed up for Claimid. It was hard to figure out how to set up but once I did I was fine.

Thing 17 - Creative Commons - Very useful free stuff.

Thing 16 - Are You LinkedIn? - Yes I am.

Thing 15 - LastFm - Have an account but don't use it often.

Thing 14 - Edit your photos without Photoshop - I hadn't used Pixenate or Resizr before but they are cool. I like Phixr as well. Haven't used Photoshop Express.

Thing 13 -lib.rario.us

Thing 12 - Google Maps - I've created my own map in google maps.

Thing 11 - Librarything Revisited - I knew about librarything local - very useful. but I didn't know that you can use it on your cellphone. Cool

Thing 10 - IM Safety - Links to excellent IM safety websites. Very important.

Thing 9 - Pandora - Have an account but don't use it often.

Thing 8 - Jott - I have an account but don't use it often.

Thing 7 (and tech talk Friday) - Goodreads - Just joined but haven't used it yet. Looks like a useful tool though.

Thing 6 - Ebooks and their readers - I have used netlibrary and overdrive. I like them. I want to try a Kindle or Sony Reader someday.

Thing 5 - Tumblr - Haven't tried it.

Thing 4 - Twitter- Have an account.

Thing 3 - Setting up your Facebook Profile - I have an account.

Thing 2 - Online Privacy - Links to excellent online safety websites. Very important.

Thing 1 - Accessing Electronic Books

Tech Talk Friday - xtimeline  - great timeline making website.

Google Docs now has cool templates. I love them. They also introduced Lively. I downloaded it and set it up but haven't played with it yet. They also introduced Knol. Haven't used it yet.

Day in the life of a librarian has been fun to follow. Learn how fellow library workers spend their days at work. I've learned things from them too.

oldest living blogger dies. Wow, blogging at 108. I can't believe it. How cool.

del.icio.us Tags: personal

Technorati Tags:


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:: Monday, July 07, 2008 ::

:: future date ::

Trying out bloggers future date feature


:: Cat509 :: 6:59 AM :: [+] :: Comments (0) :: Links to this post :: ::

:: Sunday, July 06, 2008 ::

:: Happy Birthday USA ::

more cat pictures

I couldn't resist the above picture from lolcats.

Thing 63 Foxit Reader. I use this instead of acrobat reader sometimes. I like it better because it's not as much of a resource hog. I'm downloading the updates to it now. They have added more things to it since I first downloaded it.

Download Day 2008

I downloaded firefox 3 on download day. It crashes too much for my liking but I still like it better than IE.

I had a great 4th of July with my family.

Technorati Tags:

del.icio.us Tags: personal


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:: Friday, June 27, 2008 ::

:: Hi there ::
I tried wordle. Saw it on a few blogs. It looks cool. I used my de.lic.ious account

Thing 62 is PDFEscape It's nice but leaves a watermark on the free version.
No tech talk until next week.

Went to a wnba game.

Spent Fathers Day with the family.

Dana Carvey's hbo special was good.

Samantha Brown's new show is good too.

Downloading music lateley

Went to sprinkles and krispy kreme. Yum!

Went to dinner with a friend last night.


:: Cat509 :: 4:29 PM :: [+] :: Comments (0) :: Links to this post :: ::

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